Worship Service Protocol

1. Sunday Service is held at 10:00 AM

2. You can attend in person or online on our church      Facebook page

3. Services are also posted to our website: gsppnj.org

4. For in person attendance, the following rules apply:

·    Facemasks are required (available by front door)

·    Social distancing is required (rows with blue tape are closed)

·    Hand sanitizer is available by front door and restrooms

·    Offering plate is not passed -- available in back of church

·    People are dismissed from back to front

Holy Communion Protocol

1. Communion is offered every Sunday Service

2. It is set up on a table in front of the first row;

      It is moved to the center later in the Service

3. Bread and wine are prepared in individual disposable containers in our Communion trays

4. After Pastor consecrates the elements, people come forward in a single line, six feet apart

5. They pick up a container of bread and wine, and return to their seats

6. When all have returned, all commune together

7. At the end of the Service, people dispose of their empty containers into the receptacle in th