Indoor Service at 9:30

Starting today, 50 people can attend the Service in the Sanctuary, but face masks and 6 feet of social distancing are required. Therefore, please DO NOT sit in a pew marked by blue tape, and sit only at the extreme ends of unmarked pews (unless you are a family unit -- then you may take up as much pew space as you need). Everyone who attends should be symptom/exposure free for two weeks. When you come, please park in every other parking space. We will not be Sharing the Peace during the Service (except verbally) nor passing the offering plate (it will be set up by the back door of the nave). We will not be handing out bulletins (please refer to your weekly e-newsletter) nor using hymnals or pew Bibles. Bagels and coffee will not be provided, and Pastor will be dismissing worshippers pew by pew to keep the exit traffic flowing consistently. We look forward to seeing everyone! God bless!

Outdoor "Service at the Cross"

Starting today (June 14), we will be holding an outdoor Service at the Cross at 11:00 AM, weather permitting. Please bring your own seating (beach chair, blanket, etc.) and join us for a spoken Service of the Word in front of the big white cross. Please park in every other spot and maintain social distancing on the grass (at least six feet apart from non-family-members). Thank you. God bless us, everyone!