Service Changes

The reopening of Good Shepherd, as with everything else, is a fluid process, with changes along the way in response to changing realities. Accordingly, each Service is no longer restricted to sitting on one side of the nave. This is possible because the 9:30 Livestream Service will clean up after itself -- each person will be given a disinfectant wipe to wipe down the area around where they sat. Various churches have implemented this procedure. This means the attendance limit in each Service is increased to 50 people. Face masks and social distancing (not sitting in taped pews) are still required, as well as being symptom-free and exposure-free for two weeks. Thank you!

Service Reminder

We are currently offering two Services in our air conditioned nave: a 9:30 Livestream Service that you can watch on our church Facebook page, or later in the day or week on our Facebook page or website; and an 11:00 Spoken Service which has some traditional music from a CD. We are not handing out or using paper of any kind. We are requiring face masks (we have extras by the front door if you need one) and social distancing (every other pew is closed). We have hand sanitizer at the front door and at each restroom door. We do not pass an offering plate; instead, it is located in the back of the nave for you to deposit the offering you have brought. At the end of the 9:30 Service, sanitizing wipes are distributed so that each person can wipe down the area around where they have sat. With all of these procedures, each Service can accommodate 25 people (only 10 to 15 people are currently attending each Service). At the end of each Service, people are dismissed from the back pews first, then the middle pews, and finally the front pews. Please join us as we safely rebuild our Services!

Communion Reminder

We are currently offering Communion according to our usual schedule: at 9:30 on the first and third Sunday, at 11:00 on the second and fourth Sunday, and at both Services on the fifth Sunday. However, our procedure is slightly different. Communion is now set up on a table in front of the first pew which Pastor moves to the front of the center aisle. The bread and the wine are prepared in individual disposable containers in two trays of our Communion ware. After Pastor consecrates the elements, people are invited to come forward in a single line, six feet apart from each other. They pick up a container of each of the elements and return to their seat. When all have returned, we all commune together as Pastor says, "Take, eat, the body of Christ..." and "Take, drink, the blood of Christ..." At the end of the Service, people dispose of their empty containers into the receptacle located in the back of the nave by the offering plate. Please join us as we once again share in the gift and blessing of this Sacrament.