Our Mission

Welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. We’ve been here since 1952, sharing the message of God’s grace and mercy, hope and love, forgiveness and peace in Jesus Christ.

You are invited to join us in life’s greatest adventure:

Knowing Jesus and making Him known

Our Vision

   Receiving God’s mercy, we bring His compassion to people and families in our community, so that they may live with hope and joy.

   Becoming like Jesus, we connect people to Him by serving our neighbors in Christ-centered ways that challenge, inspire, and support them to grow in a personal relationship with God.

  Using our God-given time, talents, and treasures, and in partnership with community resources, we provide:

· Regular workshops on healthy personal financial management

· Support groups for people struggling with life issues

· Children’s ministries that meet the need of families

· Opportunities for seniors and non-seniors to serve each other

“servant events” that show mercy to our community and expand God’s kingdom